Study of signals from a pulse generator

– to study a pulse generator,
– to determine the length of the cable by the determined delay factor.


– Crate CAMAC
– Slave controller
– Pulse generator
– Analogue oscilloscope
– Cables and accessories
Pulse generator produces impulses of the established duration, period and amplitude. Connect the oscilloscope and the pulse generator by the appropriate cables (each 1 m long). To get signals turn ON the CAMAC crate and the oscilloscope.
Now you see 2 signals from the pulse generator on the oscilloscope screen. These signals accurately coincide with each other because we used identical cables of the same length. To prove this fact superimpose one signal on another.
Determine the amplitude and duration of signals.
Amplitude, V Duration, ns
Change one of the cables for a longer one.
Define the delay for a new signal. Calculate the length of the longer cable (short cable is 1 m long) taking into account that the signal propagation delay in the cable is 5 nanoseconds per meter (5 ns/m).
Delay (time difference between signals), ns Long cable length, m