Work with vacuum system for physical experiment

– to study the vacuum system for physical experiment,
– to work with the vacuum system.


– Vacuum chamber
– Vacuum pump
– Vacuum gauge system
– Connecting accessories
1/3. Name elements of vacuum equipment (move nameplates to the corresponding elements).
Vacuum gauge system Connecting accessories Vacuum chamber Vacuum pump
2/3. Number stages of vacuum system assembly (connect stages with corresponding numbers).
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Turn ON the pump Connect the cover adopter to the vacuum chamber Turn ON the vacuum gauge system Connect the pump to the vacuum chamber by opening the valve Wait for a while until the necessary vacuum level is reached Connect the vacuum gauge system to the vacuum chamber Connect the valve to the vacuum pump Connect the vacuum chamber to the pump through the corrugated hose Feed power to the vacuum gauge system and to the pump
3/3. The source of alpha particles with energy 6 MeV is placed inside a vacuum chamber. The distance between the source and the detector is 1 meter. The plot below displays dependence of alpha particle energy on air pressure in the chamber. Using the plot define the maximum pressure at which alpha particles will reach the detector.
0.0004 p = mbar.